Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little delay in our flights

Storm delays our flight


The crews return back to the Brinton Center.  We stow our gear and take a well deserved shower.  Some of the scouts decided they wanted to want until we return to BWI to share the wealth.   When we get in they would like the parents to guess which three scouts have not showered.

 I can tell you we are still trying to get the Munson off of us!

The evening was spent having a Luau and Island Games, which consisted of Jamaican Tug of War, the Polynesian Drum game, and Limbo.

Closing Ceremony

Do I really need to explain these????

 A human sacrifice was selected for the Crab Master. 
We are still looking for his remains


Last full day at our Island Getaway!   We spend the morning doing a SCENE project and King of the Dock.  The SCENE project was different for each crew but included collecting trash from the island, and collecting firewood for tonight's closing ceremony.

The afternoon was spent snorkeling at Looe Key which also included some "Party Barge" games.  The kids enjoyed this the most!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing was good for all of the crews.  Dinner was all of the fresh caught fish!  Each crew member prepared their fish in a different manner.   We did not go hungry this night.

A- Team

Flying Sharks

The Cupcake Pirates

 After what seems like hours Harry reels in a Black Tip Shark.    Harry we are deep sea fishing NOT shark fishing!!!!


Below are various pictures from various activities of the day.  Each crew did the activities at different times and pictures are below. We have hundreds of pictures and videos that will be put on DVD and given to each crew member.

Island Tour.  The island mates took the crews for a walk around the island.  This included going to the Salt Flats, Tasting several plants including the Sea Pickle.  The kids will fill you in when they return. 

The mates even pointed out the Posion Wood Tree,  no one touched this tree!!!

Tour of the Mangroves including King of the Kayak

Justin shows the A-Team how to handle a Jely Fish without getting stung!

Shark Fishing
 The Flying Sharks

Extra food draft.
   Troop 712 ended up with an extra container of food items for the pantry.  The Island Mates decided to have a draft of these food items so each crew could make a main dish at dinner time to share with each other.  The Mates made a Birthday cake for Steve.   Happy Birthday Steve!!!!

Tuesday evening

After arriving at our new home and setting up the pantry, the three crews of Troop 712 went snorkeling at the local reef and cooked Chicken Fajita Dinner.

MAN!!! WHAT A FEAST!  The dinner was delivered via coolers as a camp warming present.

The three crews were;

The A-Team
TJ, Chase, Trey, Richard, Chris, Tom and Gerry

The Flying Sharks
Cody, Mark, Eric, Thomas, Eddie, Carlos, Dave and Steve

The Cupcake Pirates
Pat, Tim, Harry, James, Winsum, Eric, Tim Sr, and Kurt

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What a photo!!

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Tuesday morning

A few of the adults have been up since 5 AM.  Getting ready to get the kids up for breakfast and to pack our dry bags for the island.  Our island mate Justin issued a challenge to have a smaller dry bag then him.  If anyone does he will buy ice cream for everyone when we return.

Good morning

What a great night sleep scouts not awake yet

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday activies

We spent the day doing the swim test and testing out the snorkel gear.
Since we had extra time we got to try paddle boarding

We leave for the island tomorrow and we will not be able to post anything to the blog, from Tuesday morning until we return on Saturday from the island.