Monday, August 20, 2012


Below are various pictures from various activities of the day.  Each crew did the activities at different times and pictures are below. We have hundreds of pictures and videos that will be put on DVD and given to each crew member.

Island Tour.  The island mates took the crews for a walk around the island.  This included going to the Salt Flats, Tasting several plants including the Sea Pickle.  The kids will fill you in when they return. 

The mates even pointed out the Posion Wood Tree,  no one touched this tree!!!

Tour of the Mangroves including King of the Kayak

Justin shows the A-Team how to handle a Jely Fish without getting stung!

Shark Fishing
 The Flying Sharks

Extra food draft.
   Troop 712 ended up with an extra container of food items for the pantry.  The Island Mates decided to have a draft of these food items so each crew could make a main dish at dinner time to share with each other.  The Mates made a Birthday cake for Steve.   Happy Birthday Steve!!!!

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